Individual Counseling

In a supportive environment, Sarah works with clients differently depending on their style and goals. High-achieving clients may seek ways to regulate emotion, make important decisions, etc. Those with depression, anxiety, bereavement, life transitions, or any number of reasons will also find a supportive environment for creating positive change.

Couples Counseling

Sarah uses “Emotionally Focused Therapy” Romantic love is not the least bit illogical or random. It is the continuation of an ordered and wise recipe for survival. We now have a map that can guide us in creating, healing and sustaining love. This is a consummate breakthrough.” – Dr. Sue Johnson $225 / session $1,500 / 8 sessions

Group Therapy

Children’s Friendship Club: Groups of 3 or 4 children learn wonderful social skills as they make friends in a controlled fun environment set up for success every time! After establishing a club name, nicknames, routine, handshake, play a game, and wrap up, friendships form and grow and wonderful experiences are had. Meet after school at 4:00. $240 / 4 sessions Transportation from school available

Teen Group: Teens meet to discuss tailored or general topics, depending on the specific interests of the group. Topics could include high school stressors, Activities to prepare for college such as leading a philanthropic project or holding a fundraiser, or general activities that teens like to do. Meet after school at 5:00. $160 / 4 sessions Transportation from school available

Interpersonal Group: “How is everybody feeling?” Watch and see what happens when I ask this question, and hopefully say nothing else for the rest of the hour, while the group members share their thoughts. Feedback is a gift! $210 / 6 sessions